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How to Get Started on a Plant-Based Diet

How to Get Started on a Plant-Based Diet

Plant-based diet? What’s that?

A person following a “pant based diet” eats only or mostly plant food and never any animal-based foods or products such as meat, eggs, gelatin ect… Most people who identify as eating a “plant based diet” also avoid eating plant fragments and focus on eating the whole plant or a minimally processed version of it.

Every year, more people are choosing a plant-based diet. Some have adopted this lifestyle out of concerns for animal welfare, the environment and others for health reasons. When talking specifically about diet/dietary choices and/or cuisine, “plant foods” refers to any edible food that isn’t from an animal in any way.

Here are some plant foods?

• Fruits

• Vegetables

• Tubers (e.g. potatoes)

• Leafy Greens

• Nuts (e.g. cashews)

• Seeds (e.g. sesame seeds)

• Sea Vegetables (e.g. seaweed)

• Legumes (e.g. beans, peanuts)

• Grains

• Mushrooms

• Yeast

Plant source of protein

• Lentils

• Split Peas

• Beans (e.g. black beans and chickpeas)

• Hummus

• Peanuts

• Peanut Butter

• Tree Nuts (e.g. cashews and almonds)

• Tofu

• Edamame

• Tempeh

• Seitan

• Seeds (e.g. sesame seeds and chia seeds)

• Tahini

• Quinoa

• Leafy Greens (e.g. spinach and kale)

• Green Vegetables (e.g. broccoli)

• Nutritional Yeast

• Wild Rice

ALL plants contain protein, even rice and bananas. You get protein every time you eat a plant food. Fun fact: Spinach and kale have nearly twice as much protein as beef, calorie for calorie.

Our protein obsessed culture forgets that protein in meat is built from plants. That’s right! Most farm animals are herbivores (plant eaters) so when YOU eat the plants yourself, you’re effectively cutting out the middle man.

Do you want to change your diet?

1. Switch to almond milk and/or soy milk.

2. Eat vegetables at every meal.

3. Hold the cheese when ordering (ex: “meatball sub without cheese”).

4. Ask black beans instead of beef (ex: “black bean burrito”).

5. Ask for avocado instead of chicken when ordering a salad.

Fun Facts:

  • Peanut Butter and Coconut Milk are vegan and plant-based.
  • Cocoa butter (found in dark chocolate) is also vegan and plant-based.
  • Hummus is loaded with protein and is the go-to food for vegans and plant-based dieters. 

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