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Let’s Clean Our Home the Eco-Friendly way

Let’s Clean Our Home the Eco-Friendly way

Chemicals from modern cleaning products soon build up in our homes – potentially causing asthma, eczema, allergies and other disorders. Why not use natural cleaners instead?

You’re ready to switch from Mr. Clean to something more eco-friendly. The problem is, it’s a Wild West of product labels out there — lots of brands claim to be “natural” or “organic,” but unlike the USDA-certified organic stickers you can look for in the Whole Foods produce section, you won’t find any such federal regulation in the housekeeping aisle. (These companies aren’t even required to list their ingredients, meaning they can sneak in chemicals without mentioning them anywhere on the bottle.)

While a single spray of a cleaner won’t cause harm, these chemicals build up in the home environment, particularly in carpet dust. We have been beguiled to fill our homes with chemical cleaners when simple compounds such as baking soda and lemon juice can do the job just as well. Let’s not forget white vinegar!

Top 10 home detox tips

1. Vacuum carpets at least three times a week.

2. Leave your shoes by the front door. Shoes bring in all sorts of disgusting germs, from lead to dog excrement, car exhaust pollutants and pesticides.

3. Bring in a few house plants, particularly bamboo, spider plants and cheese plants, which absorb pollutants.

4. Use olive oil rather than a spray-on wood polish.

5. Replace PVC shower curtains with glass doors, and PVC tablecloths with washable ones.

6. If possible, use water-based or organic paints.

7. Replace non-stick frying pans with stainless-steel or enamel ones and be prepared to scrub.

8. Use vinegar and lemon juice as everyday surface cleaners; add bicarb for extra cleaning strength.

9. If you have installed energy-saving measures, make sure your home is still well ventilated.

10. Put children’s cuddly toys in the freezer once every six weeks to kill house dust mites.


Here you go. Super simple and easy way to live a more natural eco-friendly life in your home.  Remember that you spend a large portion of your time at home, Why not keep it clean and free of toxins.

What is your favorite product to use to clean your home?