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5 ways to get your kiddos excited for St. Patrick’s day!

5 ways to get your kiddos excited for St. Patrick’s day!

St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner and you are in need of some to-do activities for your wee little leprechauns. Here, at The Organiko we pulled some of the best fun  &magical activities for your entire family.


1- A Trap for the Clever Fellas? 

Did you know that trapping a leprechaun was a thing? Maybe we aren’t the only ones who were unaware of this Irish folklore-based tradition for kids, but this little DIY trap that we found for them couldn’t be sweeter. Legend is that if you are able to trap those sneaky little leprechauns, they will grant you three wishes or they can lead you to a their stash of gold. Since we know how clever they are, how about we add some extra chocolate?

If your child can trap those wily leprechauns (as they are, no doubt, running amuck on this day of all days!), they are said to either grant you three wishes or lead you to their gold. As they are some of the most clever creatures out there, they will oftentimes escape from even the best traps…but may leave some gold (or chocolate coins!) in their wake.

Check out the  Crafting Chicks to see how they made this adorable little trap.





2-  Yummy Green Pancakes for everyone!

Wake them up and say “Top o’ the mornin’!” to your kiddos by serving them Lucky Pancakes  (Crafty Morning ) topped with whipped cream and lucky charms. 


3- Green Milk and Cereal

Let them have a special treat of A Lucky Breakfast (via Thoughtfully Simple) with a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal and green milk. No one can go wrong with milk and cereal – Even your little picky eaters will enjoy this colorful green breakfast.


4- Treasure/Scavenger Hunt

Send them off on a scavenger hunt like this one from Love Grows Wild with printable clues for them to solve and discover (with a special surprise waiting at the end!)


5- Skittles? Rainbow Seeds? Why, Yes Please!


How about rainbow seeds? These are perfect as gifts for your kids’ friends. Here  (via the crafting chicks) you will find a free how to and printable design. Can these be any cuter?


Can we end St. Patrick’s day with a cuddle and a sweet book? This touch and feel book is just perfect for the wee little ones.



May the luck o’ the Irish be with you and your families this March … now we’re off to brainstorm how to catch those clever leprechauns!

Let us know your thoughts. Did you try any of them?

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